Jagger Moore
Writer & Brand Marketer


Inside every Roomba vacuum, there’s a “Situation Roomb” full of tiny engineers. They are even smaller than a can of beans.    

Results? Of course.
6 point uptick in aided brand awareness.
8 point uptick in consideration.
29% increase in sales.

Editor’s Pick on AdAge, featured on LBBOnline

Social & Digital
We made over 300 unique assets to bring the campaign to every corner of the internet. Well, most corners. The internet has a lot of corners. And iRobot knows which ones to avoid. 

Brand Voice
We gave iRobot a voice across all channels but not literally because that would be creepy and weird. 

CW: Jagger Moore
AD: Sarah Johnson
CD: Clark Chamberlin
CD: Jason Goldberg
ECD: Rikesh Lal
Director: Gary Freedman